Games funded on Kickstarter have begun to come and go, being delivered to the salivating backers that excitedly fronted their money to fund a dream game. One of the more infamous campaigns, Mighty No. 9 was one that got funded

Cheer Boys debuts on Funimation July 5 for the summer season. Originally from a Japanese novel, the story follows members of a cheerleading squad at a men's university. It has also been developed into a manga.

After the wildly successful first season of Food Wars!, fans have been practically starving for the follow-up anime. It will likely appear soon, with the announcement of the upcoming 13-episode Food Wars! The Second Plate.

According to a notice on the Sony PlayStation Blog, the "summer wave" of PlayStation pre-orders starts at 7 a.m. Pacific time Thursday, June 30, at

New artwork released today showcased the watercolor environments and additional characters who assist Setsuna along her journey in the video game I Am Setsuna. The game contains features inspired by titles such as Chrono Trigger.

When it came to hardcore riding games, Road Rash was the king of them all. Being able to race against others and take out opponents via any means necessary brought thrills and some unexpected laughs throughout its entire gameplay. Perhaps

The animer Tales of Zestiria the X has been added to the summer schedule of Funimation, starting July 2.

The anime Servamp will be coming for the summer season on Funimation, starting July 2.

Anyone who has listened to us for the last 10 years knows incest is one of our least favorite things. As a result, we talk about it on the show this week.

Admittedly being a fairly casual fan of anime, Attack on Titan managed to be big enough to capture even my attention when it came over here. The way the characters move when they battle and the mysteriousness of the giant