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Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, One-Punch Man lead rumors

Want to know what the popular game shows or anime are? Just follow the reports about the rumors they generate. The more popular the title, the more rumors about it.

Here are the latest tidbits about the titles you like:

Star Wars

What are the biggest speculations about EA's upcoming Star Wars video games? This story thinks it knows.

Re: Zero

Is Rem's story arc continuing? Find out here.

Red Dead Redemption

Speculation is that the E3 debut of the sequel was called off because of the Orlando shooting the previous weekend.

Tokyo Ghoul

The third season may feature a new lead character, according to this rumor. This story says there won't be a third season at all, but a movie instead. This story says a third season will be a reboot. This rumor says the release date of the anime could simply be pushed to next year. This story promises a new mobile game may be released soon. This story says the anime is getting a new mobile game this year.


The Crackdown 3 sequel for PC has been delayed to 2017, according to this rumor.

Final Fantasy XV

The games's main story is said to be 40-50 hours long.

One-Punch Man

One story says Season 2 will be released in October. This story goes along with that. This story agrees as well. This story says a preview is expected at Anime Expo in July. This story agrees. And this one as well. Although a movie is expected by some, here's a story that debunks that theory. This story says three new villains will be introduced. This story agrees. This story says a "civil war" is coming next season. That's popular these days.

Attack On Titan

When oh when will Season 2 be released? One story says a 2016 release has been axed. Another story agrees. As does this one. This one just says the release date has been "pushed back indefinitely." So does this one. Another story says Ymir's "big secret" justifies the delay. This story "confirms" the death of a major character. This story agrees. This story believes Season 2 might be the final one. This rumor says the game is being developed by Koei Tecmo. And this story goes along with that.


Is Nintendo designing a new Mario game? This story thinks so.

Grand Theft Auto

This story says GTA 5 is getting three new maps and new characters.

Elder Scrolls

Here's a story that says 'The Elder Scrolls 6' is in development, but won't come out anytime soon.

Resident Evil

This story believes the RE7 game will be set in the Resident Evil 6 universe.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

There's been a delay in Horizon: Zero Dawn. This story explains why.

Dragon Ball Super

According to this story, Gohan will soon fight Black Goku. I didn't know they were mad at each other.

Nintendo NX

For those of you waiting on the new Nintendo console, this rumor says it may deliver games on cartridges.

Legend of Zelda

Now that Breath of the Wild has been shown, the next game is said to be multiplayer.

Left 4 Dead

The third version of this video game is anticipated to be released in early 2017

No Man's Sky

This rumor is that the game has been delayed again.

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