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ESH Cast #495: A Hot Dog Makes Her Lose Control

Given that it's the Dog Days of Summer, it's relevant that we do a clip show featuring a topic we've mentioned frequently: The high price of hot dogs.

What is that? You say that hot dogs aren't expensive? But they are -- if you buy them at an event like E3 or PAX East. Hot dogs -- and everything else -- at events are much too expensive. And it is that dichotomy that people like Pandalicious often revolt against.

So it's topics like that that show up on clip shows like this. In fact, food shows up over and over in this episode: Mac and Cheetos, pizza, even bloody video games make the Sistahs hungry. And, of course, with every binge comes the inevitable Poop Coma. The Sistahs talk about all that.

And you get to listen.

So sit back, crack open a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos and listen to ESH Cast #495: A Hot Dog Makes Her Lose Control.

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