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Rumor mill: The wonder of Tokyo Ghoul

This week's rumor mill concentrates on the Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Titan anime and the Spider-Man game.

Grand Theft Auto

This rumor expects Rockstar Games to be able to manage a 2018 release for the new esquel. This report contends the game could receive biker DLC.

The Last of Us

This story suspects the production of 'The Last of Us 2' was halted in order to complete 'Uncharted 4' and wonders if production will resume. This story has no such doubts and expect the game to arrive before 2018.


This story says a December 2017 release date has been cleared for this highly anticipated game. This story agrees. This story says the identities of the game's villains have been spoiled by upcoming toy announcements.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Some fans think this game is connected to 'Dragon Ball Super' anime, according to this story.

Dragon Ball Super

And speaking of "Super," this story says the series will go on hiatus soon.

Attack on Titan

This story contends a Season 2 subject will feature the 'Clash of Titans' arc. This story believes a subject of the season will be that former friends engage in one of the anime's bloodiest battles. This story just contends that the season will be bloodier. And if you're wondering when to expect that episode, this story says April 2017.

Left 4 Dead

Apparently, a Valve artist has revealed the production of the third version of the video game in this article.

Tokyo Ghoul

This story wonders if the anime be finally aired in 2016. This story wonders if the anime will be overhauled. This story wonders the same thing. This one agrees.

Resident Evil

Although some seek the addition of virtual reality to the game, a Capcom executive says it's "too scary," according to this story.

Harry Potter

Is a Harry Potter game on tap? This story surmises it might receive the Pokémon Go treatment.

Knights of Sidonia

This story says the anime's third season has been hinted at by the series creator.

Death Note

According to this story, the Death Note Blu-ray has been delayed to October.

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