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Developer credits changes in Halo Wars 2 to beta testers

Because of the botched releases of video games, the past few years, developers are becoming more aware of the necessity to put their games in front of potential players well before the actual release of the game.

That's just what Strategy Games at 343 Industries did with the upcoming Halo Wars 2, and they've admitted that they've come away better for the experience.

In the Xbox Wire blog, Dan Ayoub, studio head of Strategy Games, wrote to show his appreciation and has detailed some of the things they found by releasing the beta to potential players.

"There are a significant number of individual changes and adjustments being made, including unit tuning, game mode pacing, UI improvements, stability, and flow improvements based on the data we received from the beta," he wrote. "Probably the biggest criticism we heard about the beta was issues with connectivity, de-synchs, etc. I’m happy to say that, thanks to you, we’ve already addressed these issues in the final game.

"We received a great deal of varied feedback around the control scheme in the beta, and based on this feedback, we’ve already made a number of adjustments to the controller layout to make it faster and easier to engage the actions players want to take. In addition to the layout changes we’ve already completed, we are investigating multiple controller configurations. It’s still to be determined what we can get done in time for launch, but we’re hopeful to add more choice when it comes to control schemes."

In the blog post, Ayoub promises another beta coming in early 2017 on both Windows 10 and the Xbox One.

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