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Rumor Mill

The rumor mill turns quiet in the heat of summer

With the heat of summer and the plethora of anime and game conventions, the rumor mill gets a little quiet. That's OK. It'll heat up at the same time things cool down everywhere else.

Nintendo NX

The speculation about the upcoming Nintendo NX still persist. This story contends it could be a portable console.


Will every Overwatch character get its own comic? That's what this story thinks.

Attack On Titan

This story believes Eren may be a liability in several arcs of Season 2. This story says Season 2 will arrive in 2017.


Will Microsoft take complete control of Halo 6? This story talks about the possibility.

No Man's Sky

This story says Hello Games is already working on No Man's Sky's first update. This story disagrees, and here's the reason they give: "Court-ordered anger management sessions."

Iron Man

Changes in the Iron Man comic book is provoking speculation about the 'Iron Man 4' movie.

Final Fantasy

This rumor says Square Enix won't port Final Fantasy XV to the Nintendo NX.

One Punch Man

In One Punch Man, this story says Saitama faces three new villains.

Grand Theft Auto

Don't hold your breath for GTA VI. This story doesn't anticipate the release until between 2018 and 2020.

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