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A guide to Halloween entertainment

Not going out this Halloween because it’s on a Monday? I get it, you want to be responsible, and you couldn’t get the day off the day after. Been there a million times. So since you’re not going out, and you probably don’t want to sit in your front door all night handing out candy or making sure your pumpkin doesn't get smashed, here is a list of five Halloween-themed comics, games and shows to binge on while you’re waiting to ring in the first of November.

Batman: The Long Halloween:

Learn the tumultuous early days of Batman's crime fighting through this classic mystery. A mysterious killer murders his prey only on holidays. Harvey Dent, Lt. Gordon and Batman are on a race against the calendar as they try to discover who Holiday is before he claims another monthly victim. This story also leads into the origin of Harvey Dent's transformation into the evil Two Face. So it's definitely not one to be missed.

John Carpenter's Halloween 

Relive the events of Michael Myers' childhood in this chilling tale of suspense, murder and underaged bad decisions (I know, I sound like a box cover, right?) Always an excellent choice for Halloween night, and often regarded as one of the best horror movies of all time, Halloween is a go-to for any horror fan. And, you get to see a young Jamie Lee Curtis apply her acting craft for the first time. 

Outlast 2 - Demo (Xbox One or PS4) 

The guys from Red Barrels have dropped their PAX East demo onto consoles for your indulgence. Boasting a story that takes place in the middle of the Arizona desert, and giving you the opportunity to take stress naps in a cornfield, this might be your go-to on Halloween to scare the proverbial “poop” out of you! 

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (PS VR)

All right, let's get one thing straight. Until Dawn (the original) was a fun, campy horror story. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is bloody terrifying and happening less than an inch from your eyeballs. A carnival roller coaster shooter that will legitimately give you nightmares is in store for you. If you have a weak stomach or have no tolerance for VR, stay away from this spooky shooter. 

The Walking Dead

Yeah, let's face it. The Walking Dead is the glass case of emotions that horrifies us and holds us from a string. Just this past week, the villainous Negan has finally made his appearance on the show, and he, like the Wu-Tang Clan, “ain’t nothin to F with.” If you haven’t started watching the TV phenomenon that is TWD, Halloween is the perfect time for you to plant your butt on the couch and cry when your favorite character dies (Spoiler, they all die).

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