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PSVR Quickie Review | Thumper

Thankfully, I've never taken drugs or had any kind of psychedelic trip that's gone terribly wrong. From how it has been depicted in movies, I can't imagine you could get much closer than, what is probably my favorite PSVR launch title, Thumper. A game that is aptly described as "rhythm violence" has you barreling down a path as a scarab beetle making sharp turns and busting through barriers in a world that is made all the more terrifying when you strap a VR headset around your face. In an interesting twist, Thumper does not require VR to play, yet from my experience immersing yourself in the visuals via PSVR gives you a massive advantage towards nailing though cues.

After getting in some time with the PSVR version of Thumper, I decided to try out the TV version to compare. I'm not perfect at the game, but having gotten an S-ranking on the first few worlds, I consider myself decent at least. I was terrible when it was on the TV. Strapping the headset back on, I was able to reclaim my skill, which was fascinating to me. The visuals in Thumper are as imposing as they are imaginative, with strange tentacle shapes whirring past you as you barrel towards a terrifying giant head. I could go on for ages about how great this game is, but as this is a quickie review, it shall suffice to say that it is one of my favorites this year with or without VR.

  • Immersion: Barreling down the psychedelic highway of doom.
  • Length: Not a long trip, but skill is required.
  • Tracking: Perfection lies in simplicity.

Overall Score: (5/5)

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