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The 8 Most Anticipated Games of 2017

Many exciting games are planned for this year across several different genres and platforms, including a couple that haven’t been in the spotlight for a while. Let’s take a look at eight of the most anticipated games.

8. Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Fans of the tactical RPG series Fire Emblem weren’t sure how long they’d have to wait for the next title but, as it turns out, it won’t be a long wait after all. Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia will release on May 19 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.


It is a remake of Fire Emblem Gaiden, an early Japan-exclusive Fire Emblem game that deviated from the typical gameplay by including new features such as explorable towns and dungeons. It follows two main characters, Alm and Celica, as they’re caught up in a war that divides the land of Valentia.

No one was expecting a Fire Emblem Gaiden remake, but the surprise announcement made Fire Emblem Echoes one of the most talked-about games of the year.

7. Yooka-Laylee

Fans of the Banjo-Kazooie series might be unhappy over not getting a 3D-platforming sequel, but Yooka-Laylee aims to fill that niche on April 11 for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux. A Nintendo Switch release is also expected.

It stars a chameleon named Yooka and a bat named Laylee as they fight to stop the wicked Capital-B. Along the way, they’ll be aided by many allies, such as Trowzer the snake, who teaches them new abilities.

With a development team made up of former Rare employees, gameplay that looks like the polished evolution of Banjo-Kazooie’s gameplay and such a quirky cast of characters, Yooka-Laylee is the 3D-platformer fans have been waiting for.

6. Mass Effect: Andromeda

Despite the mixed reception to the third games' ending, the Mass Effect trilogy was hugely popular and it’s about to receive its newest entry in the form of Mass Effect: Andromeda, which will be available March 21 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.


Mass Effect: Andromeda is set 600 years after the trilogy and follows an expedition that departed the Milky Way Galaxy during the events of Mass Effect 2. Now in the Andromeda Galaxy, this expedition will search for a place to set up colonies.

It has an intriguing premise — and a nice way to avoid making any of the trilogy’s endings canon — and promises a great deal of exploration. Like its predecessors, Andromeda is an action RPG. This time, however, players can freely select skills to learn rather than choosing a set class at the start.

Will Mass Effect: Andromeda live up to its predecessors or even surpass it? Fans are hopeful that it might, making it so anticipated.

5. Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar’s Western-themed open-world game Red Dead Redemption was a major success when it came out in 2010, and ever since then, fans have been asking for a new game in the series. Well, it’s happening this year. Red Dead Redemption 2 is planned for the third or fourth quarter for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Very few details have been revealed so far. In fact, we’ve seen almost nothing of it aside from an image of seven silhouetted figures. Are these the main protagonists? Are there multiple playable characters? We really don’t know.

It’s a testament to the popularity of Red Dead Redemption that despite the lack of information, Red Dead Redemption 2 is already on many players’ lists for 2017.

4. Persona 5

Fans of the Persona series have been anxiously waiting for the latest game to be localized, and that time has almost come. Released in 2016 in Japan, Persona 5 will follow in other regions on April 4 for the PS3 and PS4.

Persona 5 is a turn-based JRPG that follows several students who steal ill-intent from people’s hearts. This is made possible in a strange, mysterious world called the Palace. Players will traverse the palace while fighting enemies and summoning the protagonists’ Personas, but they’ll also spend time in the real world, where a new version of the Social Link system creates bonds between characters.

The Persona series itself is a spin-off of the Shin Megami Tensei series. Persona’s popularity, as well as the excitement around this entry in particular, makes it so highly anticipated.

3. Super Mario Odyssey

Ever since a new Mario game was glimpsed in the reveal trailer for the Nintendo Switch, fans wanted to learn more about this new game in Nintendo’s long-running franchise, and now we know Super Mario Odyssey is planned for 2017’s holiday season for the Nintendo Switch.

It features the exploration-driven, collection-focused gameplay of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, a gameplay style that hasn’t been seen for quite some time. Mario’s new adventure will take him to a variety of strange worlds, including one that bears an odd resemblance to our own. In addition to familiar abilities like a triple jump and wall-jumping, Mario has a new ability in this game that lets him throw his hat and use it like a platform to bounce off of. The hat appears to be a key part of the game.

Super Mario Odyssey marks Mario’s return to the open-world levels many fans have been waiting for, and it could be Mario’s best take on 3D platforming yet. Here’s hoping it meets its 2017 release window.

2. Horizon Zero Dawn

Combat against robot dinosaurs might have been all fans needed to get excited for Horizon Zero Dawn, an open-world action RPG set to release Feb. 28 for the PS4.

Yes, robot dinosaurs. While Horizon Zero Dawn has many elements seen in other RPGs, such as an open world, crafting, resource gathering and stealth, its setting is what really makes it stand out. In the world of Horizon Zero Dawn, the Machines hold dominance and have driven humanity back into a primitive form of life. The humans who remain live in tribes and fight with their spears and arrows against their robotic foes.

Prehistoric and futuristic elements mashed up in a single game? It sounds crazy, but many players are eagerly awaiting their chance to dive into Horizon Zero Dawn and guide Aloy on her quest to understand her world and the Machines that haunt it.

1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Due out March 3 for the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo Switch, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a game fans have been waiting for ever since its initial announcement in 2013.


While Breath of the Wild includes many Legend of Zelda staples, including a story that revolves around Link’s quest to defeat an ominous presence known as “Calamity Ganon,” it changes up the series’ formula in many ways. Breath of the Wild features non-linear gameplay, a full open world, food to collect and cook for healing and more.

It’s a bold direction for the Legend of Zelda series to take, and the ambition behind Breath of the Wild makes it our pick for the most anticipated game of the year.

These 10 games are some of the hottest titles of 2017, but many others have been announced as well. What 2017 games are you most excited for?

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