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No Man's Sky

Is this when No Man’s Sky gets good?

Probably the most disappointing game of 2016 was No Man’s Sky. Although a few people might have liked it, the game was overwhelmingly regarded as one of the worst games of the year.

Since that time, developer Hello Games has tried to improve the game, first with its Foundation update and now with its Path Finder update, which it released today.

According to the makers, Path Finder adds planetary vehicles plus lots more to our game, and shows the path forward for the future. A post on the PlayStation Blog gives a whole laundry list of new features, including support for the PS4 Pro.

The update includes new vehicles called Exocraft, which they say “enable explorers to travel at great speed across even the most inhospitable planetary terrains. There are three Exocraft to unlock and collect through Base Building, each of which can be further improved with powerful weaponry, mining equipment and long-range scanners to maximize their effectiveness.”

The look of the game has always been the most important part, and Hello added a new photo mode in the update. They say, “This screenshot tool lets players change the time of day, increase or decrease fog and cloud levels, unlock their camera for the perfect angle, and even add filters to their screenshots.”

Screenshots are nice, but people play games for the game part. Lets hope they added a game in there this time.

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