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PAX EAST 2017 | "YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG"

The more I see of Ackk Studios' YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG, the more I crave to dive into the world that's been greatly influenced by Earthbound, Final Fantasy, and I'm pretty sure a couple Pixies records. With the game finally near-completion, I decided to give it one more whirl at PAX East before it finally was unleashed onto the gaming world. Sure enough, the game's lengthy development has done it a lot more good.

Jumping into the latest YIIK demo, I found myself back in Alex's hometown. After grabbing my Mom's shopping list, I discovered a cat with a fancy mustache. During an internal monologue, the cat swipes the grocery list, leading me to chase her into an abandoned building. It's here where things get weird, as strange monsters, worlds, and a girl named Sammy lounging in a tree appear in Alex's life. After roaming through the building, Sammy is taken by a bunch of shadowy figures, as purple goo flows through her eyes and mouth.

YIIK PAX 2017 2

This particular demo was reminiscent of the very first time I played with YIIK at PAX East a few years back, as it followed the exact plot line. However, I did notice a few changes to its direction, not to mention the smoothness and quality of the writing reaching better heights. It's very apparent that the game is quite tongue-in-cheek with its narrative, as even the most strangest and disturbing elements have something snicker-inducing waiting in its wings.

I also noticed a huge overhaul of its turn-based battle styles. The last time I played this game, I was having so much trouble with the QuickTime-based attacks. Returning to YIIK, I found tackling these monsters and upping my combo meter to be a lot more tolerable. It's still challenging, mind you, but it doesn't reach unfair status.

YIIK PAX 2017 3

With YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG's development phase near-completion, PS4, PC, Vita, and Wii U owners will no doubt have something to sink their role-playing fangs into what is still looking to be one of the most magnificently bizarre adventures around. (On a side-note, I spoke to one of the developers regarding the Wii U version, who told me that he's still unsure if it's going to go to the Switch instead. Apparently a lot of time went into the Wii U one, so we'll have to see what's to come regarding which Nintendo platform it'll be headed onto.) Nevertheless, YIIK has still got my attention after all these years. Here's hoping the end product is just as brilliant as these demos have been...


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