Things have been awfully quiet around the ElectricSistaHood news desk for awhile, but that logjam should be destroyed by the coming E3 conference. The announcements get underway this weekend, and we'll be reporting on some of that stuff.

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We don't usually mess with rumors about upcoming announcements of video games, but that doesn't mean you have to. Instead of making our own, often wrong predictions, we're satisfied to let others have that privilege. And we've compiled a big list of articles that you can read on the web.

Only interested in stuff coming from Microsoft or one of the other gaming principals? Then skip right down to that section. No need to read about Nintendo if you don't have skin in the game. Just click on the link to read a story.


From The Verge. From Monkeys Fighting Robots. From Crave Online. From PC Advisor. From What Culture. From PC Gamer. From htxt South Africa. From Mammoth Gamers. From Kidz World.


From App Trigger. From n3rdabl3. From From Stars Post. From International Business Times.


From App Trigger. From PopCrush. From the Daily Express, U.K. From the International Business Times. From Gotta Be Mobile. From From Nerd Reactor. From Twinfinite. From n3rdabl3.


From Mic. From Cog Connected. From From Nerd Reactor.

PC gaming

From App Trigger.

Virtual Reality

From Upload VR.


From App Trigger. From Twinfinite. From n3rdabl3. From International Business Times.


From App Trigger. From n3rdabl3. From International Business Times.


From VG24/7. From App Trigger. From International Business Times.


From Twinfinite.


From Twinfinite.

Bandai Namco

From Twinfinite.

WB Games

From Twinfinite.

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