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ESH Cast #575: I was dreading Monster Hunter World, then it was forced on me

Panda is a newlywed of less than a year. And she's a good wife. How can you tell she's a good wife?

She had no intention of playing Monster Hunter World. And then her husband came home an proclaimed that he had bought both of them a copy of the game. What was she to do? She played it, of course.

It didn't mean she had to like it. And if you want to know her true reaction to the game, just listen to this week's show. You'll get an earful.

Ninja had quite a week as well. Still homeless after her ordeal with a burst water line in January, home is still a ways off. At least she got to enjoy something for once: the Black Panther movie.

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Both sisters enthuse about their experience at the Black Panther movie, and they do so without spoiling anything about the film, concentrating about the spectacle surrounding the film. In fact, they spent so much time on that, they forgot to talk much about the film at all.

The moral of this story: If you want to know more about Monster Hunter World, Panda suggests that perhaps you don't. And if you want to know more about Black Panther, buy a ticket and see it for yourself.

Come along and enjoy the ride as you listen to ESH Cast #575: I was dreading Monster Hunter World, then it was forced on me.

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