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PAX EAST 2018 | "Outpost Zero"

When it comes to world-building games, there's quite a lot to choose from. Being unique in that genre is where it can get tough, as many of these titles can have you build, protect, destroy, and forage throughout your gameplay's lifespan. It's why I found Outpost Zero's presentation a bit more enticing, as you can legit have a choice in what you want to do in this world.

Taking control of an AI Overseer, Outpost Zero has you roaming a desert-like planet in order to build bases and mine resources. While there are many hazards and wild beasts roaming the planet, your main focus will be to create worlds and other AI units to help with mining and protecting your area. If you wish, this can be all you have to do, as building these bases can be quite therapeutic after a long stressful day in the real world. However, it's when you wish to bring friends and other players into your world when things can get interesting.

Outpost Zero PAX 1

By inviting others into your world, you can either find allies to aid in building your area or enemies that wish to sabotage them. Hypothetically, another player can destroy two of your robots, and those robots could have been in charge with mining and bringing copper in. If you don't realize this, then your cyborg empire can crumble in the blink of an eye. In return, you could also sabotage their vicinity by your own devious means. As up to fifty players can enter a server, and the area you are in is roughly seven squared kilometers, you could have a massive battle for survival on one vast planet.

But as mentioned, it's up to you with how you want to play Outpost Zero. You could play in order to calm yourself with its world-building, or you can let a bit of mayhem loose with a few friends and the online community. How you play is up to your comfort level, and this game is welcoming of however you wish to tackle it. Just be wary of your power levels, or else you'll find yourself in dire straits when it comes time to protect yourself against the planet's own natural enemies and disasters. (Also, did I mention that there are random meteor showers that could just wipe out your camp? I feel like this should be important info for those wanting to get their build on.)

Outpost Zero PAX 2

Outpost Zero will be out for PC later this year.


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