Sometimes we're more clever than our normal pay grade. For those of you who are unaware, today's title is a homage to the movie Pulp Fiction. For your enjoyment, here is a link to that clip.

This whole topic was brought about by a discussion between Panda and Ninja about battle royale games. And that's just a small sample of what we talk about in this week's show.

Ninja also brings up virtual reality and the upcoming games The Last of Us 2 and Soul Caliber 6. The Sistahs also continue their long-running discussion of the game Detroit: Become Human.

In addition, Panda gives her review of a game she first learned about at PAX East, Cook, Serve ,Delicious! 2!! Now she's gotten a chance to play it and gives her opinion.

And, no matter what game the girls play, they agree with the adage that everything is better with cheese.

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We hope you enjoy this cheese-topped show as well: ESH Cast #591: The deluxe version is a Battle Royale with Cheese.

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