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MANGA REVIEW | "Chi's Sweet Adventures" - Volume Two

Even when in the baddest mood, the power of Chi's happy-go-lucky mentality always manages to bring the warm fuzzies to her readers. Although Konami Kanata's original series Chi's Sweet Home has since concluded, Kinoko Natsume has done a wonderful job with keeping the tabby's tales going with Chi's Sweet Adventures. Its second volume continues onward with its cutesy stories that will entertain readers both young and old.

The latest volume of Chi's Sweet Adventures places our title character into some sticky predicaments. From dealing with a blackout in her home to losing her way home, Japan's favorite feline learns to conquer some dire situations with a big grin and a bountiful of positivity. Alongside her pals Blackie and Cocchi, Chi takes any chance to learn a thing or two about surviving the great outdoors and nabbing some prey. Of course, being somewhat of an airhead, Chi often finds herself forgetting about learning and instead goes back to having fun with the Yamada family.

Although there's rarely ever a moment of turmoil in Chi's Sweet Adventures, Natsume does their best to still make sure some good lessons are being taught in the cat's escapades. Whether it's something simple like not to eat rotten food or a moment of surprisingly intelligent science such as how cats can tell when it's about to rain, there's always something of value to be taken from Chi's experiences. However, the real fun is still in watching Chi goof off with her family, especially in the moments involving exercising with her mom or chasing after a frog that got into their home.

At its best, Chi's Sweet Adventures manages to be a nice carefree manga for young kids and parents alike. Even if the second volume runs a bit shorter than the first one, it still delivers a boatload of fun and happiness in every page. Natsume's continuation of the tabby's tales is not only a great way for parents to get their kids into manga, but it also brings forth a great amount of fun and storytelling that will have children interested in reading more. In the end, the educational aspects and entertaining aspects level themselves out perfectly in Chi's Sweet Adventures, making it a terrific read for all ages to enjoy.


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