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ESH Cast #628: Simulation of Life

There are times when the Sistahs want to live their best life. Or, at least, a different one.

That's why they are fascinated with The Sims. Ninja played the first three, Panda played the first two. And now, Panda is playing the fourth go-round of the game. She's using it in context with the changes going on in her real life -- moving to a new house and dealing with her in-laws.

The experiment is not fully fruitful, but it is, at least, interesting. Will it improve her life? There's no way to know for sure. Time will tell. But at least she can always say that no real in-laws were harmed in the playing of the game.

In this week's podcast, Ninja talks about her adventures playing the newest sequel of the Devil May Cry franchise, DmC 5. She has no living in-laws to worry about, so there's no chance they will come to any harm either.

So come on and join the festivities by listening to ESH Cast #628: Simulation of Life.

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