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GAME REVIEW | Defying Package Etiquette In "Totally Reliable Delivery Service"

Fun is the thing we need most in this world. As we find ourselves cooped up in our homes while practicing social distancing, the necessity of enjoying one’s times is the sole thing keeping everyone from going stir crazy. Video games serve as a great way to kill time and forget about our troubles, but finding the right co-op experience is everything if you wish to have fun with friends from faraway distances. That’s why I’m thankful for TinyBuild’s Totally Reliable Delivery Service, a video game that delivers so much besides the parcel you’ll be carrying about.

Developed by We’re Five Games, Totally Reliable Delivery Service has the simple premise of bringing packages from Point A to Point B. Where the challenge arrives is in the form of the game’s physics mechanics. Like a mixture of Human Fall Flat and Octodad, TinyBuild’s latest title not only throws gravity for a loop, but the way you control the game is an additional challenge. There are two buttons for each hand, and another two for lifting. As such, players will have to be careful with the how aspect of bringing packages to their owners.

Some missions can be very simple, where you can just carry items to their respective areas. But then, you’ll be given tasks that are beyond ridiculous! From launching fish into a carrier on the roof of a building to even landing safely on top of a blimp to deliver some goods, the level of crazy that’s unleashed in We’re Five Games’ experience is some of the most bonkers you’ll probably come across. But wow, is it super fun!

Carrying packages on foot is pretty standard if you wish to try to deliver something fragile and the like. Those that require a set time to get a good score will have you needing a vehicle of some kind to deliver it in the heat of the moments. Cars, forklifts, trucks, helicopters, airplanes, and even a UFO can be used to swiftly deliver your mail to those who need it. Of course, being a speedy postal worker is easier said than done.

Because of the physics of both yourself and the world around you, delivering these goods in Totally Reliable Delivery Service will be more challenging than usual. Items can easily be flung off of vehicles, and their condition can be greatly affected by how careful you are with delivering. Thankfully, that’s all part of the fun and wackiness that this game showcases throughout its many missions. And the sight of your characters and packages being whipped and crashed throughout the city will make you laugh more than groan with frustration.

Watching as you miss a package’s target by near-inches as your mail carrier crashes into buildings and mountainsides is something that never gets old witnessing. There are some legit difficult missions showcased in the game, but failure can result in some of the funniest moments this title can deliver. Things smash, shatter, explode, and drown all for the sake of a great laugh. Even when you mess up on a trajectory or wind up destroying a package, the overall experience this game delivers is too silly to get mad at.

Even better is when you have some friends tagging along, as Totally Reliable Delivery Service offers both four-player couch co-op and online multiplayer. Sending cargo should be easier with a few other bodies in tow, but all it does is add more chaos. One of the funniest little things this game adds to the likes of helicopters and airplanes is an outside handle, which a friend can hang onto while holding onto the package. Witnessing the madness in the air as you all plummet to your doom and your friend flings off into a nearby building will make any player ache in their belly from laughter.

The one downside to the game is that you can only play it in short spurts. It’s not because it gets old if you play too long; quite the contrary, it’s welcoming to find new surprises that you can accomplish in lengthy periods. No, it’s more because of the controls, which will more than likely make your hands hurt after an hour or two due to its layout. Having to hold down the L & R buttons to carry and ZL & ZR buttons to carry as you run through areas can be a pain, so it’s best to rest your fingers after experiencing what this game has to offer.

With nearly 100 missions to complete, Totally Reliable Delivery Service can take you roughly ten hours to at least bronze trophy all of the missions. However, players can go back and replay the ones they completed in an attempt to beat their score. With the bucks you earn and missions completed, you can also unlock new wardrobe to make your package handler the round and swanky dude you want them to be!


  • One of the most hilarious games of 2020
  • Loads of challenges, missions
  • Great multiplayer elements


  • Controls can be painful on hands after awhile


Totally Reliable Delivery Service is one of this year’s most fun and hilarious romps in the digital world. With its wacky mechanics and terrific multiplayer, you can spend many hours just laughing at the craziness this game unleashes every minute. In a time where everyone needs a break from the fear mongering and other scary things in the world, Totally Reliable Delivery Service gives us a fantastic distraction that will brighten any gamer’s day!


Promotional consideration provided by TinyBuild Games. Reviewed on the Xbox One.

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