As Thomas Jefferson said, there are things that are self-evident. One of those, according to Panda, is that great-looking water makes a great game.

In celebration of Halloween, we will once again be doing our #CosplayAllDay posts on Twitter. If you're following our Twitter account, you'll see a new post from us every half hour with a cosplayer demonstrating their abilities. It's an expansion of

When The Jackbox Party Pack first came out, it revolutionized how multiplayer video games could work at parties. So long as everyone had some kind of smart device, anyone could pick up and play the simple and addictively fun games.

In the 11 years that Ninja and Panda have been doing their weekly podcast, they have devoted the entire show to a single subject only twice. The first week, way back in 2006, they talked about the game Kingdom Hearts. And now, this week, they talk about South Park: The Fractured but Whole [Xbox | PC] -- for the entire show.

It's easy to see why WayForward latched onto Last Dimension's Mystik Belle. Released on Steam two years ago, the titular character shares a lot of common ground with that of WayForward's own Shantae. Both are powerful characters, are unsure of

It's a show about video games and anime, right? You wouldn't think that by listening to the first eight minutes of this week's show.

King Baby Duck is joined by his buddy JonStar from Nerdy Show's Wicked Anime Podcast, as they open up the "Work For It" and "SURVIVE!" boxes from Loot Anime. Plus they check out what's inside the deluxe edition of Senran

King Baby Duck and I had the pleasure of talking to a game developer recently at the Boston Festival of Indie Games. Adi Slepack of Gather Round Games talked with us about the card game Someone Has Died. I have

Everyone needs positive recognition -- that's a fact that the Sistahs suddenly realize about midway through recording this week's show. As a result, it's an appropriate title for the podcast.

Every year at BFIG, ESH usually sniffs out the biggest party game to be showcased. First, it was DFL Games' "Henchmen", then came Starcap Games' "Now Everyone Get The F%$# Out!". This year, we pay our humble respect to Gather Around Games' "Someone Has Died" [Website | Kickstarter]