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Bloomylight Studio Announces Kickstarter For "Spirits of Inao"

Bloomylight Studio, an indie game company stationed in Aix-en-Provence, France, has recently unveiled its debut...

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PAX EAST 2016 | A Sunny Future For "Rain World"

I have been excited about [adult swim games] and Videocult's Rain World ever since it...

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New frESHlook | Me and My Dinosaur and More

A new week brings with it a new frESHlook collection. This week, I'm looking at...

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Excellent "Adventures of Pip" A Beautiful Nod To Gaming Classics

It warms my heart to see a video game so ripe with imaginative gameplay, great...

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ESH Podcast Episode #370: If You Own a Game and Enjoy that Game, You're a Gamer.

so yep we are all ONE.

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Episode 341: These Bruises Display My Ability To Defend Justice

It's a brand new week, a brand new ESH Cast! This week we chat with...

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Virtual Reality is Back! The Oculus Rift Kickstarts into Our World

Remember the Nintendo Virtual Boy? That was a major bomb, wasn't it? Never mind that,...

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