Rock Band

Taking Rock Band anywhere would require hiring a roadie

We write lots of titles for each week's ElectricSistaHood podcast. Unfortunately, we can use only...

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ESH Cast #467: The Year of Change Begins Now

There's big news at the top of this week's ESH Cast. And it's something you're...

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ESH Cast #462: Everything We’ve Been Withholding

It's holiday season and that includes those of us at ElectricSistaHood.

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ESH Cast #439: Here Are The Things I Want To Touch Next Week At E3.

We're up to our foreheads in video game goodness here in Los Angeles at E3,...

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ESH Podcast Episode # 292: Whose Yore? 'Your Yore or My Yore?

Screw the rules- I have powers.

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Episode 290: That's Smurfed Up!

Smurf it out!

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Episode 212: New For 2011 - It's the Chevrolet D'eon

Newness, it's the new black. We've got a new episode of the ESH podcast with...

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Good Demo/Bad Demo Special: Green Day Rock Band

So I went on the ol' PSN the other day, and I saw the demo...

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Diversity Is Good: New DLC, New View On Game Genre

I am horrible at keeping up with downloadable content [DLC] but thanks to the guys...

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