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Episode 66: The Time-Traveling Ninja Has Mommy Problems

It's Monday, so you know what that means... time for a new episode of the ESH podcast! And this time, we have a doosie of an episode for you.

In this episode, Pandalicious rants about the anime series School Rumble which happens to be a "romantic comedy" shonen while MagicMystic shares her thoughts on the manga series Flame of Recca. And no show would be complete without NinJaSistah ending out the show with some game news and or review, and this episode is no different. This week, NinJaSistah explores the popularity of classic games through online services like the Wii virtual console, XBLive, and the Sony Online Store. Don't forget the tangents. We sure didn't.

And don't forget, these unused titles that we threw out like an unwanted fetus.

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  • Cheerleaders for the Pompom of Truth
  • It's Not Gonna Suck! Believe It!
  • The Plot Gets In The Way of the Humor
  • Nothing's More Pathetic Than A Bully In Love
  • I'm Not a Real Doctor, But I Play One in an Anime
  • Rock-Paper-Scissors-Hair-Sounds Like Scorpion
  • After That, Other Stuff Happens
  • Panda doesn't Squat in Barnes & Noble
  • She Ain't Evil, She's Just Mom
  • The Nerd Glasses Make You Lok Crazy
  • Staring At This Shirt Freaks me Out
  • Streets of Rage Makes Me Miss My Sister
  • You Are Now Sterile - Thank You, Halo!
  • Only Cinderella Can Play Bioshock
  • Coming Next Year: Resident Transylvania
  • I Run Away From Smiling Sausages All the Time
  • and finally
  • NinJa Likes It Hard and Chewy

Yeah, read that list and not be curious about the whole episode.

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