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Episode 116: Live from L.A., It's Sistahs for All

If you're a long-time listener of the ESH podcasts, you'll find this one has a completely different feel. That's because this episode was recorded absolutely live at the E For All show this past weekend.

Ninjasistah appeared live at the show, along with guests Loserly from Dead Pixel Live and April Carlson and Mandie Bettencourt from Girls Got Game, who discuss the true integration of girls and gaming sites.

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Pandalicious represents, as usual, by talking about her fear of upcoming live-action movies made of her favorite anime stories. And MagicMysticGrl shows up after a long absence to talk about everything .hack.

Here are the headlines that were rejected for this one:

Working Part-Time, 43 Hours a Week

In Anime, Girls Will Be Girls, and So Will Boys

When Microphone Positioning Becomes Erotic

Panda Has a Filter, She Just Has to Remember to Put It On

High School Musical? These Guys Are Old Enough to Take the GED

You Are Now Entering a WoW-Free Zone

I Never Said I Wasn't a Hypocrite

It's a loud, boisterous and lots of fun. Enjoy Episode 116: Live from L.A., It's Sistahs for All.

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