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Episode 134: Don't Aggro The Toast!

No boring Monday's here, today we release one of our more totally NOT SAFE FOR WORK new episodes of the ESH podcast.

I can't state this clearly enough, this podcast episode is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

Not only is there the requisite amount of swearing in this podcast episode, but Pandalicious and I spend a good chunk of time in the episode talking about a specific piece of the male anatomy. Yes, this episode focus on "that" thing you are thinking of and how it has recently made prolific appearance in gaming today. From digital pictures sent through the pipes of XBLive and PSN to the Stubbs character in the new Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost & The Damned" DLC, DP has been popping up all over the place and needs to stop. We also chat a bit about the new Street Fighter IV game from Capcom and Panda shares some of her Left 4 Dead versus mode opinions.

If you still aren't sure what we are talking about, here are some of the suggested episode titles we didn't use:

  • She Surely Misspoke When She Said Bean-gag
  • We Need To Stamp Out D.P. In Our Time
  • If I No Ask, You No Flash
  • If You Gotta Show It To Me, Please Shave First
  • Was It Flopping Around Like a Dead Fish?
  • and finally,
  • I Don't Care If YOu Talk To Me, But You're Going To Listen To Me

So sit back, relax and enjoy ESH Podcast Episode 134: Don't Aggro The Toast!

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Rochelle "NinJaSistah" Hinds and Amanda "Pandalicious" Britton are the founders of ElectricSistaHood (ESH), and co-host of the network's flagship podcast, the ESH Cast. For nearly a decade, they have focused their journalistic efforts on video games and anime. That's - as the kids say these days - what's up.