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Episode 151: Crossing the Streams -- It's a Guy Thing

The terrible trio -- Ninjasistah, Pandalicious and Xenocore join forces this week to talk about movies good and bad in this week's new podcast.

And while they all think the new Ghostbusters game is going to be great, there's also discussions about not-so-good game-to-film transfers, such as Super Mario Bros., and plumb rotten anime-to-film turkey such as Speed Racer.

Want to know how fun this episode is? Get a load of the rejected titles:

-- That's the Sound of the Men Working on the Chain Bang

-- Witless for the Prosecution

-- That Gives a Whole New Meaning to Judicial Discovery

-- People from Teas Whould Argue With Your Definition of "Talking Nahmul"

-- Simply Beating a Dead Horse Is Not the Manufacturing Process to Create Glue

-- Judge Panda Rules "Not Pwnd!"

-- This Trailer Smells Like Astro Boy

-- Sometimes Fire Works -- They Should Have Fired Michael Bay

-- A Better Movie Would Have Been John Goodman and a Monkey

-- Undead Vampire Sperm Bites

-- Two Wrongs Don't Make a Baby

-- Talent? Who Knew?

-- The War Between the Altered States

-- This is Your Brain on Everquest

-- Sticky, Don't Fail Me Now

So pull up your director's chair, tell everyone else to take five and listen to this week's ElectricSistaHood podcast, Crossing the Streams -- It's a Guy Thing.

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