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Episode 152: A Romp in the Hay Should Be Fun

In this episode of the Electric Sista Hood podcast Ninjasistah kicks off the episode chatting about the anime series Eden of the East and then we try to get serious.

We tried.While we do our best to keep it on the PG, Pandalicious starts a rant on achievement whoring which turns into an achievement glutton VS achievement whore definition debate that ends up running into a tangent of it's own. When we get back on schedule she talks about her new found love of completing games including the Ubisoft title Assassins' Creed and what we are looking forward to in the next installment of the game. Then Ninjasistah comes back with some bits about industry mergers and acquisitions with the announcement of the Tecmo Koei merger on the heals of the ZeniMax Media id Software.

It's another fun podcast in the can so sit back and prepare to enjoy ESH podcast episode 152: A Romp in the Hay Should Be Fun

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