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Episode 177: Panda Likes Length, Depth and Girth

...everywhere you look, including here in the land of ESH. We finish out the year with the end of our holiday buying guide wrap up podcast episode and Loserly from Dead Pixel Live

In this, the final episode of the ElectricSistaHood podcast for 2009, we rehash our Holiday gift buying guide episode with a couple of editions including some from guest host Loserly of DeadPixelLive fame.

We added some more audio equipment-type gifts like the Beats by Dre Tour in-ear headphones, some pocket-type synths from ThinkGeek. To give you an idea of how this show goes, here are some of the titles we came up with but didn't use:

  • Ninja's Tongue Needs a Wheelchair
  • AND It Helps If You Need to Move a Whale
  • Panda's Word of the Day: Facetious
  • Sandwiches in the Dark — How Romantic
  • Panda Says She Likes It From All Directions — And She Calls US Perverts
  • and finally
  • The Economy Needs You to Buy Stuff For Me

It's a fun episode... chock full'o ladies [one of which may be slightly tipsy] chock full'o great gift ideas, just chock full'f fun. So grab a cup of your favorite drink and enjoy ElectricSistaHood podcast episode 177: Panda Likes Length, Depth and Girth

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