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Bleach Headed To The Big Screen

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Word just hit the "screets" that the super popular anime/manga, Bleach, will be coming to a theater near you. I'm excited, but skeptical. Thats right! Warner Bros. has snagged the rights to make Bleach a feature length film. Director Peter Segal (Get SmartTommy Boy) is negotiating to serve as a producer and hoping to add a darker feel to the film. Those of you familiar with Bleach know the story already. If not then here's a quick summary of the anime/manga as well as the planned film plot. A 15-year-old boy capable of seeing ghosts meets a female Soul Reaper (who escorts the "souls of the dead"), but a fight with an evil spirit causes the Reaper to transfer her powers to the boy, leaving her stranded in the human world and the boy with her old job as a fighter of evil.

I've seen Dragonball, Street Fighter, Tekken, and so many other great anime butchered in the feature film adaptation. I hope Bleach doesn't meet the same fate as its predecessors.

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