The first time I ever went to a Best Buy with my girlfriend, she got to see a side of me that only comes out when browsing the games section.  A look of horror swept her face as I squealed with happiness.  You see, Killer 7 was on sale for the Gamecube for the low price of $9.99 and I had been looking for it for some time.  I’m a nut for good deals on games, but you do have to be careful.  Some deals are not always what they seem.

After all the games that came out, there are only leftovers to be had. There is only one demo out this week, and it's called Brain Challenge. I know that when it comes to the stereotypical  gamer, the only brain challenge they're

My tunic brings all the girls to the yard

Team ESH has paired with the B3 crew to bring you a brand new episode of our weekly podcast, and this one is all about PAX East baby!

This is the beginning of day two for both Pandalicious and I here at the Hynes Convention center, and the fun just doesn't take a break.

Day Two of PAX EAST and Panda's had her hands on a lot of things...most recently Red Dead Redemption.

With Megaman 10 out on Wii, PSN, and soon to be released on 360, Megaman fever is sure to be abuzz. I however, have my eyes set a bit on the future. I was never an avid player of the classes NES Megaman titles, preferring the gameplay of the X series. But I’m even more interested in the storyline that follows the Blue Bomber’s friend, of the red persuasion. That’s right folks; the wielder of the Z-buster is getting somewhat of a comeback.

Alrighty, the first part of my first day of PAX East is in the history books and I have to say the experience has been great.

Good news everybody, I'm awake and slowly making my way down to the Hynes Convention Center in Boston and kick off my very first PAX East. I am really excited to catch up with some media friends, make new connections and try my hand at some of the game demos that await me. I am obviously not alone in this, as this convention is already totally sold out! That's right! In it's first year of existence the PAX East conference has sold out of all pass types and filled Boston's mammoth Hynes convention center. (No small feat for sure) This got me thinking though. How did they do it? After my morning dunks run it came to me:

There is no other big gamer convention on the East Coast.