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Good Demo/Bad Demo for the week of March 15

After all the games that came out, there are only leftovers to be had.

There is only one demo out this week, and it's called Brain Challenge.

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I know that when it comes to the stereotypical  gamer, the only brain challenge they're into is how to perform the perfect headshot.

Still, there may be those of you out there who want to pwn with your intellect, not just through hand-eye coordination.

Brain Challenge is a series of quick games which challenge your knowledge in various categories. There is logic and math, for instance.

There are no complex button presses or series of movements to be made. All you have to do is be quick with the right answer.

If you want a hint on how I did with these challenges, here you go: stupid.

I hesitate to say that this is a good demo, because the demo only limits you to playing 5 minutes of gameplay. If I had any more time with this demo, I might have fared better. Maybe. I do give this a thumbs up because it's a challenging game, even if the demo is a tease and the graphics look better suited to a Wii rather than a PS3. (Sorry, Wii owners, but you know it's true)

The Brain Challenge demo also has online multiplayer, but it, again, is limited to 5 minutes of gameplay. So it's an alright game, but not that great a demo. This is the second demo I've ever downloaded that had a time limit. Just Cause 2 also had a time limit, but it wasn't a permanent time limit.

See you next week for more demoey goodness!

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