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Pandalicious and PaxEAST: Encounter of the First Kind.


I....Have....Done ....It!

Greeting fellow Gamer guys and girls--Pandalicious here, writing to you from the media room here at the first ever Penny Arcade Expo here on my side of the planet. Rising with the sun--well snow-- I made my way here to the Hynes Convention Center to take part in my very emotional, ultra top, secret tradition. That's to say until the one...very noticeable mistake. With awkward glances and a moment of acceptance the tradition continued.

Now...what on earth could I be talking about....What would Panda HAVE to do at EVERY convention before she can enjoy in the festivities?

Believe it or not --I have a profound respect for the "paying of one's dues. For those who are not of the media ilk, you are given a task...as quest if you will, to endure ...the line. This is the first thing you do when you attend these sorts of events. For the last four years, I have been blessed with the ability to become a member of media--but even with this gift bestowed upon me, I feel ever so inclined to go through the rite anyway.

So there I was with two familiar characters KingBabyDuck and Blueonic from BostonBastardBrigade. Normally, I would do this alone rite of awesomeness alone but sometimes fate has other plans. After we  were through there was instant regret then relief. * Surprise Surprise the Line is a lot longer when it isn't full of people.  At the end of my personal madness,we also found very comfy bean bags to fall into. (If you are following me on twitter then you are well aware of these very comfortable and dare I say colorful bags.

Panda just chillin...

Now I'm sure  you are wondering just what I'm looking forward to this weekend. As I go through them, I will gladly tell you, but I've decided to this is in the most guerilla-esque way possible...No itinerary...no real -etched-in stone meetings. PAX is more about fun and less about work... so bring-it-on!

Friday is devoted to panels mostly and I'm aiming to make appearances to two of them: Girls and Games: the Growing Role of Women in the Game Industry and my personal favorite of the Friday line up, Mega64:Panel for the Soul.

Keep Checking twitter for Updates from Ninja and I throughout the whole week, and keep checking Electricsistahood.com for our Blubs about the many facets of awesomeness that we are going to encounter here.

Look out for My Encounter of the Second Kind. I have no idea what is in store.

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