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PAX East: Mid-Day Check In

Alrighty, the first part of my first day of PAX East is in the history books and I have to say the experience has been great.

There is a real sense of community on the show floor now that people are flowing freely through the expo floor and testing out some of the games on hand. Things like Split Second Microsoft's latest Xbox Live enable play-thing GameRoom and even the latest Splinter Cell title is available to get hand-sy with. A few folks have taken me up on the "sign my tongue offer" which has been fun, and there was even a good game of beach ball going on in the Merch Merch line that was fun.

As I write this, I have attended a couple of panels and really enjoyed both of them. Both informative in their own way, the one I found to be the most informative and fun was the panel, Puppet Masters - The not so Invisible Hands of Video Game PR. The panelists included were Arne Meyer [Naughty Dog], Aram Jabbari [Atlus], Stephanie Tinsley Schopp [Tinsley PR], and Chris Paladino [Promethium Marketing] with Charles Husemann [Gaming Nexus] moderating and I have to say it was one of the first panels I have attended at a convention where I actually wished the panelists were allotted more time.

The focus of the panel was to share a little insight into the world of video game industry PR processes from some of the people on the front lines. From how the PR plan for the industry has changed and is changing to include more non-traditional media sources [enthusiast media, bloggers, community builders] to what kind of relationships PR outlets look for or try to avoid. It is a tight line walked by those charged with getting the product they represent out in the world and in front of as many people possible with limited resources and definitive results for their efforts. [We all know the feeling of having to account for our actions and results to somebody.] But what intrigued me the most was the response to the panel even by the panelists themselves.

Every question that was asked [by the both the moderator and audience members] was answered very frankly and with a refreshing amount of humor. I walked away from the panel with the feeling that I had a little bit better understanding of how video game PR works, how to make it work for me, and that I really want to drink more with these people.

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