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PAX East Preview: What I Want To See

As you know, the first annual PAX East gamer-con kicks off Friday and as a previous con-go-er I figured I would share some thoughts on what I want out of my PAX experience. First up, what I want to see.

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People. Specifically Gamers.
I don't often get to gather in large groups with other people that share my passion for electronic games, so PAX events are always enjoyable for that fact alone. Three days with folks from around the area (and many times around the country) who think about Kid Icarus, classic side-scrollers, and Gears of War both similarly and differently than I do is a joy. That those passionate gamers are not limited to just the convention attendees is double bonus.

My Friday-day is going to be spent attending panels. Panels hosted by PR folk (who game), developers (who game), and even a keynote delivered by mega nerd and gamer Wil Weaton. (a.k.a. @wilw on twitter and Wesley Crusher to Star Trek: TGN fans)

Friday-evening. Well, this evening is going to be about meeting new people. Some parties, some drinks, definitely some RockBanding... even if I have to hunt down a game system somewhere. I know that Harmonix is in town, so worst case scenario I need to make a new Harmonix friend. I don't care who you are, there is nothing like a multiplayer music simulation game to bring folks together. It's one of the best ice-breakers around.

I'll tell you the next thing I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

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