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Good Demo/Bad Demo for the week of April 5


OK, so it's been nearly a month since a PS3 demo has been released on the PlayStation Store. Unfortunately for me, there is only one demo to play this week, and it's a sports game. Since I don't follow sports, will this be a good demo for me? Let's find out:

First thing I noticed is that EA saw it fit to show you how many teams will be in the final product- or maybe just tease you with all those choices in the menu.

All the scenery looks great, and the character models are, em, pretty alright.

Here's the entirety of what I know about soccer at this point: Kick a ball through the other team's net.

This may be great for soccer fans to check out, but it's all lost on me.

Well, maybe not all. I whipped Italy, one goal to nada. Just because I'm not into sports doesn't mean I'll lay down and take it while Utaly tramples all over me. No sir!

So, eh, I guess this is a good demo! Maybe people who have put years into playing Fifa will hate this, but I don't know whether this gameplay is good or lacking.  It doesn't utilize any fancy analog stick moves, so it reminds me of times past when I actually did play sports games and all the moves were simple button presses.

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