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There's an APB Out On Your Money!

It's time for the MMORPG to get a kick in its ass, and I still believe that APB will be the one to be attached to those steel tipped boots of innovation.

Realtime Worlds have released their pricing structure and have set their launch date for June. Apb is a $50 game, and you get to play for 50 hours without having to shell out any extra cash. From then on , you can play for 20 hours a pop for $6.99, pay the special price of $9.99 for 30 days. There are also 3 and 6 month options that are further discounted.

OK, enough about dollar signs. What is most intriguing about APB is their system of trading amongst players. I am quite an MMO novice, but the level of trading that you can do in APB sounds like it's very lenient.

Plus, CARS!


My fingers are crossed that this game makes good on its promise. I sorely want a change from the sword and sorcery fantasy. It's time for a bit of the cops n' robbers.

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