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This is SO Not Kevin Butler

Let's all have a laugh!

Kevin Butler, Head of Whatever it is He Needs to be Head of This Time, has sent me mail through PS3!

Oooor, not.  So this person, whoever he/she is, decided that sending a grammatically horrendous email through the PSN was just the scam which was going to get people excited. This person also thought that instead of scamming people, telling them to do a chain letter made sense. It doesn't to me.

The only Kevin Butler you should trust.

From a bit of searching, Fake High School Dropout Kevin Butler apparently plays Uncharted 2. That is sad. I thought my fellow Drakeites were smarter than that. So, whenever you get this type of scam mail in your inbox, follow these steps.

1. Don't reply

2. Post a screenshot online so we can laugh at it together.

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