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Supernatural the ANIME?!

As of the 3rd of this month, the Japanese side of Warner Brothers set up a 'Coming Soon' website devoted to their newest project, Supernatural: The Animation. Reports indicate that this realization of one of my previously unattainable wet-dreams made anime will be launching in January of 2011.

The anime will start with a 22-episode season that will rehash the events of the first two seasons of the live-action series. A January 12th date is set for the Japanese DVD release of the first two episodes. February 2nd will follow with a box set of episodes 3-12 and the final box of 13-22 will release on April 6th.

Additional content will be featured in the anime that was not included in the live-action episodes including additional hunts, new flashbacks to the Wee!chesters (fandom's name for young Sam and Dean), never before seen enemies and expanded storylines for secondary characters.

MADHOUSE is supposedly the studio behind this new venture. Shigeyuki Miya and Atsuko Ishizuka's names have been connected with the project as co-directors. Eric Kripke is still credited as the creator of the series and Masao Maruyama is executive producer. Naoya Takayama is taking care of scripts and Takahiro Yoshimatsu is designing the characters, and MAN! does he do good work. Sam and Dean look HAWT!

Voiceactor Yuya Uchida, known for his role as Stein from Soul Eater will be playing the voice of Sam and Hiroki Touchi, who you'll remember from Trinity Blood (Abel) and the .hack//G.U. trilogy (Ovan) will be doing the voice of Dean, continuing their roles from the dub of the Japanese version of the live action.

Best Buy Co, Inc.

I've been obsessed with the American series since it's premiere in 2005, I own all the Box sets and rewatch them constantly, I've found and made playlists of several of the fanmade soundtracks and I'm currently in the middle of writing a Supernatural fanfic. In short, I'm the type of person who cried over the Metallicar being destroyed at the end of Season 2, because everyone KNOWS the Impala is the 3rd main character. Hearing that this anime is coming out was like God himself walking up to me, saying "You were always my favorite." and then handing me a winning lottery ticket and a keyring with a key to a '67 Impala, a yellow '76 Camero and a '82 Firebird with a built in chemical analyzer. In short, I had a heart attack, then a SQUEE! attack and then swooned a little.

I, for one, am going to be haunting any and all illegal downloading sites from 12:01 AM January 12th till someone takes pity on me and fansubs it.

If you can read Japanese, feel free to bookmark the site and receive news as it appears. http://wwws.warnerbros.co.jp/supernatural/#/animeTop

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