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iTouch 4G: It's a Thing

Reading, it's FUN-da-mental! Reading PR emails whilst riding public transportation home is also mental fun as well... especially when you get an email with pictures of something you aren't supposed to know about just yet.

Technology company Apple Inc. will be holding their annual music event announcement tomorrow (which should be chock full of tech-gadgets we all drool over) and the fine folks at Hard Candy Cases have given us a glimpse at what the day will hold, literally. We Got Pics!

They (Hard Candy) call it an iTouch, the world knows it as the iPod Touch and there have been many rumors going around about how the iPod Touch was going to get a much needed upgrade which would be revealed tomorrow during the event. They were even nice enough to send along a couple of pictures of their new Street Skin case for iTouch 4G. Pictured below the iTouch 4G case looks like the standard rubber/silicone guard-type case for your iDevice and will set you back about $29.95 according to Hard Candy.

The case itself looks pretty rugged, but as you can see from the images below there is definitely a spot for a camera on the back. Take a look and tell us what you think. You planning on getting one?

Or are you going to hold out for that other rumor?

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