These days a good pair of headphones can cost you between $100-200, and that's if you're seeking the best quality both in audio and comfort. So imagine getting deep into online gaming or -- in my case -- Podcasting, and

Recently I spent some time testing out the new Work Play lifestyle frames from Gunnar Optiks, and have a lot to say about the product.

Putting together a good gaming rig takes time, money, and the right gear. What monitor - or monitors - should you get? Do you need to do 7.1 surround sound, or will a single sound bar work for your space?

As an avid user of HyperX's headsets, I have always been impressed with their means of providing high quality products for affordable pricing. Last year's Stinger provided a $50 price point with a $150-styled performance and durability, whereas their Cloud

We all love technology. It’s a part of every aspect of our life, whether it be our phones, watches or even our toys. Technology is involved in all aspects of normal living. Recently, the good folks at Zoopa reached out to me with an opportunity to expand my horizons and learn a new hobby.

The RazorPlatinum by myCharge is a USB-C external battery unit. It’s one of the first devices of its kind (that I know of) that lets you not only charge a regular USB-A, but USB-C devices as well as a the newest MacBook machines.

Since its inception, Kingston Technology's HyperX brand has become a staple of great headsets for affordable prices. Their CLOUD series, which can range between $90-$150, delivers a level of comfort and mic clarity that is usually saved for the $300

Motion sickness is one of the few things that still worries me about VR taking off in a big way. Every person is different, and while I don't get particularly motion sick, there are plenty of people close to me

Sometimes there's a challenge to be had whenever a third-party company comes in to create an official accessory for a console or computer. In the case of Kingston's HyperX division, designing a headset to specifically suit the needs of both

ASTRO has become synonymous with gaming, be it the most casual of gamers looking for a comfortable pair of headphones to play in peace or the most hardcore MLG combatant in need of quality sound to chat with his fellow