Reading, it's FUN-da-mental! Reading PR emails whilst riding public transportation home is also mental fun as well... especially when you get an email with pictures of something you aren't supposed to know about just yet.

Technology company Apple Inc. will be holding their annual music event announcement tomorrow (which should be chock full of tech-gadgets we all drool over) and the fine folks at Hard Candy Cases have given us a glimpse at what the day will hold, literally. We Got Pics!

Sony’s Playstation Plus was first hinted at a while back when the company surveyed its customers with options for a payed premium service.  From the results of said survey, Sony released Playstation Plus and so far there have been mixed opinions on the service.  I am here today to look what has been good so far and what they could add to make the service even better.

It's not dead, it just in a Supercoma

PlayStation 3 owners, remember when we used to laugh and laugh at our buddies who had the dreaded "Red Ring of Death?" Well, that was all hilarious until word of the Yellow Light of Death arrived.

Newness, it's the new black. We've got a new episode of the ESH podcast with a special guest-host appearance by Xenocore of Ultimate Quest

When was the last time I referenced Dead Space in one of my articles?  Oh who cares, because I just finished reading Dead Space: Martyr and, as promised, I am ready to blab.  Just to make this very clear, if you are interested in playing the original Dead Space and you have not yet done so then, due to some spoilage, right about here might be a good place to stop reading.

Another Monday, another new episode of the ESH Podcast. This one is mostly a Scott Pilgrim orgy with just hint of Ninja ranting about the upcoming X-Men: First Class.

I've been a fan of Moyashimon (or Moyasimon, depending on which company spells it) for almost three years now. I've watched the entire anime series, read the manga and even own an A. oryzae plushie. When I heard that there were plans to do a live-action version I was stoked, and then when I read that FUNimation was to stream the show soon after each episode airs I got excited. Then I watched the show. Needless to say it left a bittersweet taste in my mouth.

Bioshock has a great many things that define it as a series: atmospheric and highly-stylized environments, fun and interesting first-person combat, a sense of wonder and amazement and giant robots with a drill for a hand.  One thing that, until somewhat recently, I didn’t know it was known for, is a really awesome trailer.

It's summer, so after you go outside and run around in the sweltering heat, playing demos is the first thing you should be doing!

Ahoy, matey (and all that other stuff landlubbers think is funny about pirate-speak) it's Monkey Island! PC gamers from way back may know this game inside and out. For people who can claim the PS3 as their first console, they're in the dark. Now adventure games are back, and they continue to invade the PC.