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After its quick and painful death, the MMORPG APB has been stuck in limbo, with rumors of it being resurrected by another developer who would buy it out.

First, can anyone remember an MMO that actually got this second chance at life? I cannot recall any game that has been afforded this opportunity!  Realtime Worlds was a bad loss for Realtime Worlds, but there were aspects of the game that other companies are interested in, like the deep character customization. Too bad that things like gameplay weren't what impressed gamers and critics about the MMO.

There were so many big companies who were said to be coming to the rescue. Now the real buyer has stood up! GamersFirst has bought the rights to the game. What is unclear is how much the game will change once it is in new hands. Will it become a totally new game? Will the gameplay improve? It is going to be free, so how much incentive does GamersFirst have to spruce up the game? With players not forking in a subscription month to month, what quality can you expect? GamersFirst are using the Unreal 3 engine, so that bodes well. We will have to wait until 2011, though, to see what comes of this deal.

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