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Anime of Winter '11 -The Forgotten Preview

Let me tell you all a story, a story about Freezing.

I apologize for leaving this show off of my anime preview. I only covered shows which were being offered for free, and through legal outlets. To my surprise, Freezing is available through Funimation screening, thereby making it also available on Hulu.

Freezing is a story set in a time where aliens have invaded the planet and it's up to girls given special abilities to stop them. Our main character is Satellizer El Bridget, the "Untouchable Queen" who has been undefeated in combat. She is one of the many girls who attend a school where these female soldiers are trained.

Satellizer got her nickname because she has an aversion to being touched; that's where a boy named Kazuya Aoi comes in. Aoi is the only one who can touch Aoi without her being disgusted by it. In fact, she feels OK with Aoi touching her.

The relationship between males and females in Freezing has a purpose besides sexual tension. Only females are outfitted with the nanotechnology that allows them to become Pandoras, fighters who can materialize weapons from thin air, fight with superhuman prowess, and regenerate clothing and even body parts.

The boys work as limiters. They limit the Pandoras. Basically it's just a reason made up to get boys and girls paired up for some romantic situations, or some naughty fanservice.

The antagonist so far is Ganessa Roland. She is Satellizer's rival, and someone who does not have a limiter.

So if you want the Cliff's Notes on Freezing, here you go!

(Censored) Boobs!



More (Censored) Boobs!

(Censored) Butt cheeks!

Other (Censored) Lady Parts!

So there you have it! Freezing is a bit more graphic and just as naughty as a series like Ikki Tousen. If you like violence with your panty shots and partially naked women, you can stop looking This anime was made for you.

The Funimation stream is censored, and I don't know why. Just put some age restrictions in place and let the grown folk have what they want! The censorship is hideous. It doesn't even fit in well enough with the animation and therefore gets in the way. If you decide to search for  an unauthorized stream, I couldn't blame you, really. This seems like a ploy to get people to buy the DVD/Blu-ray, even though the only stated reason is to keep the wrong eyes from watching mature content.

Watch again? No. I don't think I want to fit this show into my daily anime schedule.

Who is this for? Anyone desperately seeking boobs or light guro.

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