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Panda Watch: Pax EAST 2011 Day One

Greetings all!

Your ever-faithful Pandalicious has finally come out of her stupor like a phoenix from the flame to tell you about her observations on the first day of a much anticipated Pax EAST 2011.

First and foremost let me state now that the venue has been upgraded to the BCEC. There-is-so-much-space. More than the convention is actually using, but this is a lot better than cramming all of us into the Hynes Convention Center.

Our beloved beanbags are sadly not thrown along the edges of the convention site - but that might just indirectly comment on the event. The con-funk is fairly ripe now, as such is the vibe of gamers coming together and do what they do best – game?

I've been quite the busy panda, firstly I've explored the world of table top today- I paid a much needed visit to the Wizards of the Coast for some Magic the Gathering News and some good ole Dungeon and Dragons tidbits.

During my afternoon rounds Portal 2 served up some promising morsels as well.

In the evening, a stop over at Turbine for some Lord of the Rings Online, where I asked myself the question, "what can we expect from this MMO that we haven't seen already?"

Over all, today have been quite eventful – and this is only day one. Tomorrow brings with it panels...

More details about the things I've seen will come so stay tuned.

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