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Hamsterman2049's 1000th Trophy Poll

E3 2011 was a ton of fun and a reminder of how broke I shall be later this year and while I have a ton of stuff to talk about from the conference, there is one thing that is a bit more pressing.  Looking at my profile on PSN the other day, I noticed that I am on the cusp of a big event.  I currently have 999 trophies and I would like your help to decide what my 1000th will be.

In a few moments after posting this article, I will put up a wall post on the Land of ESH facebook page.  What I need from you is your suggestion for the game that my 1000th trophy will be from.  Here’s how it’s going to work:  Go to the wall post, like us if you haven’t already (because you know you love us), make a comment on the post with the title of the PS3 game of your choice, the game with the most votes will be the one I get the trophy from.  The only rules I’m going to apply to this are that it must be a game I own, or intend to buy, and I can’t have a platinum in it already.  I’ll go ahead and let you know that Dead Space, Saw: The Video Game and Noby Noby Boy are disqualified since I have all the trophies in each.  The game can be downloadable or on disc.

After I get the trophy from the winning game, I will make another post with a picture of that depicts me having 1000 trophies and a short description of what trophy I got and how I went about getting it.  I will also be writing a short narrative piece about my experience getting that 1000th trophy that I will be submitting for ElectricSistaHood Magazine.  I will also thank the individuals who voted for the winning game in each of these articles.  So, without further ado, go and vote for the game you want to be Hamsterman2049’s 1000th trophy!

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