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It's an Uproar! New Gundam Series is Causing a Gundam Fan Civil War (Trailer)

Yeah, so, ah, this is Gundam AGE. It's a show, about Gundam. At least it looks that way, at times. The look of this new Gundam is the biggest departure from Gundam's look since G Gundam, maybe? That doesn't even begin to properly describe what is so non-Gundam about this trailer.

The first "issue" is the character design. Even Gundam Unicorn, which had character designs that harken back to the original series, is a better fit for the Gundam universe than this. The characters, namely the boy hero, looks like he was plucked out of some second-rate Pokemon.

If you keep your focus on this boy, you realize that he could probably be the youngest Gundam pilot of any title in the series. How old is this kid, 8? How young is the limit for someone to hop into a bi-pedal fiery war machine?

A smaller "issue" are the enemy units, which look more like creatures than mobile suits. Not too big of a problem, because mecha tend to be treated basically as living beings anyway.

While I can see why this promotional video has twice as many dislikes as it does likes, appears to be trying to reuse elements of the classic Gundam shows while they are also designing it for a youthful audience.

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