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Square Enix gets its True Focus for Final Fantasy XIII-2

Square Enix has never lost sleep over anything concerning their very successful Final Fantasy franchise until Final Fantasy XIII. Square Enix got praised for most of their games--outside of Final Fantasy X-2 and their attempt at an MMORPG Final Fantasy XI. Twelve is often overlooked not because of quality but more so because it felt very generic. Everything one would want in their FF game was present: decent story, interesting leveling up system, impressive graphics but it didn't hold in our imaginations.

With that "miss" in 2006, Square Enix moved steadily towards creating XIII. FF XIII didn't get released here in America until 2009, and the hype led to great sales, however as the gamer base encountered their new experience, many felt a disconnect. There are dissenting views on what the downfall of FF XIII is: some would say it was the lack of open world exploration and that it felt too linear.

Square Enix heard the discontent from their fanbase and hastily announced that they would correct this mistake by releasing FF XIII-2. I got some time with Square Enix and Final Fantasy XIII-2 while attending E3 this year.

Anyone who played the original will be able to pick right up where they left off in terms of game mechanics, the story also continues on from the previous game. We are going to see some familiar characters and get introduced to a very "Yunaesque" male protagonist named Noel.

Instead of following Lightning's story we have changed gears to her younger sister Serah. The city of Cocoon is safe, Pulse is beginning to thrive with life again and most of the inhabitants have forgotten who saved them. Lightning's existence and memory is fading from the world- and only Serah believes she is alive. So armed with her her mogul and her mysterious yet dashingly handsome companion, Serah sets off to find Lightning.

Some things to look out for in this release could not outright be mentioned, but I was given nibblets of hope:
- First, it looks like there will be some adjustments to the leveling up system and we may see some more paradigm shift options.

-Secondly, Lightning isn't out of the picture just yet, and she is still an important facet to the story.

-Lastly there may be some incentive for people who have played the first game and still have their save files--so if you are fortunate enough to have saved your game I suggest you keep it.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 has it's true focus in it sight and let's see if they complete it.

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