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The Boys Hit 100!

And hopefully hit 100 more

One upon a time there were two sisters. One was righteous and driven, the other vivacious and overly optimistic. They were not only joined by blood, but by destiny. They sought to become recognized for their opinions and humor one day. They were a two women wolf pack.

Then one day, the younger sister met a soon to be companion. He would bring a perspective to the land of ESH, and his name was KBD. Now the wolf pack rolled 3 deep.

The Bastards of Boston grew in number and have continued to flourish over the interwebs whether by text, audio and later video. They have been glorious!

The sisters could not be more proud of the accomplishments made by the Bastards of Boston. And continue to look in awe of what they have done.

Today on the 27th of June, we over at ESH extend our warmest congratulatory wishes to the men and women representing Boston, the best way they know how. They explored so much in 100 episodes-who knows what they will do with the next 100?

Congrats once more on your 100th episode Boston Bastard Brigade!

Be sure to take a listen to the Boston Bastard Brigade over on iTunes, or even look them up on their Ustream for their streaming lives shows! They offer a lot and have a lot to say. Go Get You Some!

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