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Watch This Anime, if You've Got the GUTS!

DO YOU LIKE FLAMING AURAS? Of course you do, case closed!! Alright, so maybe not everyone appreciates everything that goes with shounen fighting anime, but for many people across the world, tournaments and supernatural battles were their bread and butter. Shounen Jump knows this very well, and that's why Toriko became a manga, and now an anime.

Toriko has bits and pieces of shounen we know sown on its chest. A muscular hero wearing orange has a big appetite and a great amount of raw fighting power. That describes a hero from at least three anime. Still, Toriko's hook is that it it is more ridiculous and preposterous than any fighting anime running right now.

Toriko takes place not in a post apocalyptic world, but in a world where crazy food oddities are happening. Fruit isn't just being grown on trees, but also pancakes. Rivers are flowing with butter. It's out of some dream that a person starving in the desert would have! On top of great foods just growing everywhere, there are mighty beasts stalking the earth, beasts as big as dinosaurs, stalking the earth. Toriko is one of the mighty Gourmet Hunters who is tough and talented enough to beat these beasts and make a good meal out of him.

What makes Toriko different, besides the culinary theme, is that Toriko is already a powerful guy. He's already legendary, and now he's just on a journey to put together his Full Course Menu. Torkio caters to people who like dumb things. I think shounen anime fans are a base audience for this, but it's awfully silly. If you have to ask "how would that be possible" you wont even make it through one episode of this show.

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