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Remember "Kite"? America is Going to Remake it-- FOR REALS!

This just in: You know that movie, Shark Night 3D that just came out? OK, I don't either. Anyway, the director of that film will be making a big screen live-action adaptation of Kite. Director David Ellis (he also directed Snakes on a Plane) plans to start filming the movie early next year.

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Kite is a brutally violent (and in the uncensored version, pornographic) anime about a young female assassin. Kite spun off into a TV series called Mezzo Forte Danger Service Agency, and then had a "sequel" called Kite: Liberator, which was not too well received. No sir, not well received at all.

If you had no idea about these anime, here's something to catch you up

I would say that Kite is not a difficult anime to translate in live action, but the director of the first Kite couldn't even serve up a decent sequel. So, uh, good luck David R. Ellis! Godspeed.

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