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Naughty Dog's "Last of Us" is looking more and more promising.

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Naughty Dog has produced games that require the gamer to suspend their beliefs of what is possible, and rely solely on their most basic instinct: survival.

Right off the steam of the last release Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, Naughty Dog dropped some teasing news about their newest project: Last Of Us. Many were quick to write it off as " Nathan Drake: The After Years" but from what the staff at Game Informer got to briefly experience, we are all off the mark by quite a bit.

Naughty Dog showed off a well-polished nearly fifteen minute demo of The Last of Us. Tense situations seem to await us in this game. Everything is not as it seems, desolate areas are far more dangerous then we will fathom them to be. The AI isn't about to sit back and let themselves be taken for silly fools; they are out to survive and they don't plan to feel sorry later.

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Melee and weapon combat are woven together to the point that both seem to utterly crucial in this environment. This isn't the kind of post-apocalypse setting we are used to interacting with. When end of the world crosses most of our minds we think about something like Fallout or Gears of War. There is a beauty here to admire. However, that should be observed from a distance.

Survivors are not all trying to band together, everyone has their own agenda and motive for behavior. Trust seems to be a luxury that no one can have.

And before the haters start talking about the screenshots being of rendered animation and not actual gameplay. You'll be surprised to know that the screenshots present are of gameplay only.

Want to hear more from Naughty Dog? Who wouldn't. GDC kicks off today and with that a more vocal presence from them! They will be participating in a confirmed fifteen talks at this conference. If you are gonna be at the conference make sure you stop by and take a listen. Trust me, if ESH could have been there, we'd be all up in those panels.

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